Blog Marketing – Lets Learn the Concept of Blog Marketing

The online marketing strategies have given a lot to the online business runners. The business has certainly become easier for the creative and innovative business runners. One must know the efficient ways of running a successful business with the help of promising online marketing strategies. The online marketing strategies are really good if you use them proficiently. The World Wide Web has changed the living standards. Now people feel comfortable while making purchases through the online stores. These online stores must make use of effectual online marketing strategies. A better online marketing campaign will surely become a source of more customers. The increased number of customers top your website will help you to earn profits. There are many online marketing tools such as forum marketing, email marketing, banner marketing and many more. One of the easiest and promising online marketing tools is blog marketing. Blog marketing has earned fame in the last few years. Blog marketing is basically a tool for advertisement of an online business that is making use of a website. Blog marketing is used by many popular companies and brands. Blog marketing is also resourceful for the advertisement of different services. Do you run a home maintenance business? Make use of blogs and tell the features of your services. The blogs must also contain the notes on the importance of home maintenance and improvement. Many people think that blogs are only ma place of advertisement. The actual thing is a bit different. Blogs are used for advertisement, recommendation, reviews and boost of knowledge. The blogs also contain the articles that are responsible for augmenting the knowledge besides acting a source of advertisement. People make use of blog marketing because of its convenience. Many people even shun the development of a website. Instead they develop a blog with the name of the company. They are able to save the costs of the website besides having the superb benefits of online business. Developing a blog is rather easier. There are some simple blog developing softwares. Following the steps present in these softwares will help you top cre3at a colorful and effective blog. Blog marketing is used more because of its multi functional nature. People feel good while making use of blog marketing. Blog marketing is a nicer source of advertisement in a lot of ways. Article marketing, email marketing, text advertising and banner advertising can be done on the blogs. Therefore, you stay at a certain blog and achieve many desired goals within no time. Are you running an online business? There is a certain need of learning the effective ways of blog marketing. You must visit the blogs of other people. Go and see what up on the blog of your competitor. Try to play a creative role on other’s blog. This will force many people to come to your blog. Therefore, don’t stick to your blog. Be a third party and make use of other’s blogs for the development of your business in a creative way. Published at:

Blog Marketing–Blog Marketing Can Be Improved By Creative Ideas

Blog marketing is an effective tool for the enhancement of an online business. Blog marketing is a superb feature that will add value to your business. There is a certain need to learn the effective ways of blog marketing. Blog marketing is a little bit complicated. The innovativeness inside you will show you the way towards successful blog marketing. There are many things that must be kept in mind while making use of blog marketing. Some of the strategies and tips are really marvelous while some are bad enough to corrupt the prevailing goodness of your business. You might have developed a blog for your business. You will be having a list of people. Now you are thinking for enlargement of the subscriber list. But how is it possible. There are many ways that can do so. Some people try to make their blogs more colorful and attractive by copying the ideas of others. There is nothing good in being a copycat. This step can even because a loss of present subscribers. The media and the internet are really advanced. Now there is no value of a copy or a cheat. They will certainly know that a certain thing is being copied. Therefore, it’s good to be original. Always present the better, original and productive ideas in the blogs. These ideas should be creative enough to catch the attention of the reader. Besides the creativity they must force the reader to buy and further advertise your product in one way or the other. Your company is certainly having customers. These customers are a source of your income. Give value to their comments. Let me tell you how to create a promising and creative idea for blog marketing. Assign a task to all the employees of the company to think for some better and cheap ideas for better blog marketing. Call a meeting and give a chance top everybody to present his/her opinion. Make a voting for the best idea. Have a deep look on the nominated plan. The readers feel good to pick something from a certain blog and post it to other blog. This means that the readers are also a source of advertisement of your business. This gives rise to the concept of third party blogs. These third party blogs are certainly a source of advertisement. Your message will reach to the ends of horizons very fast. That is why it is called as a source of viral marketing. It aware the public about latest improvements like the speed of spread of a virus. Therefore, one must necessarily learn the ways of effective blog marketing. The readers will feel good to spread your effective and innovative words. So, try to maintain a healthy blog. There is a certain importance of nicer relations with the subscribers of a certain blog. The new world is more creative and innovative. Think whether it suits your business or not. Keep in mind that a certain creative idea will give you nothing if you don’t have the back of your hardworking employees. Published at:

Blog Marketing Show the Item to Entire World Through Blog Marketing

Many bloggers would mention that any blogger can write about any topic under sunlight. While this is true, you have to take deeper considerations of your niche especially if you want to generate on blogging site. If you want to monetize your blog, then ought to receive a niche that can sustain your interests just one that could have a following. Follow by who you can choose your site that deliver you the dough. One major thing that sets WordPress apart off their blogging platforms in capacity to create static feuille. The most common static page, as well as the one involving default when you install WordPress, is the About url. It is the capacity to create static pages permits you produce your blog look similar to a website by using a blog attached to it. Is my website designed so those who like your initial product can view more of the work it really is it in order to please a persons vision? Basically, how interconnected and well linked is your website. This could sound stupid, but alot of websites make it problematical to access their own homepage from an article or training! Make everything on your website accessible. You may can put links to be able to areas of the website within the sidebar? Maybe have a piece after your writing saying something following the lines of “Like this? Check out this, this, this, and of course!” Remember, sometimes you only have a few seconds to thrill a viewer. Say someone Stumbles upon your internet sites. Chances are, if anyone could have a poorly designed and inaccessible site, they will hit that stumble upon button and bounce with the page. Think regarding blog’s heading and working description. You will be using exact sneakers keywords with your blog, web site heading and also the description. One more plenty of space over the rest your blog for an appealing heading also as an elaborate meaning. Remember you want to get and keep your readers’ interest and eyes. Get deliverables in how to make. Before you plunk down any cash whatsoever, anything in how to make. There are plenty of free affordable web design contracts used however, need to have make particular you are both in agreement to the terms. If either considered one of you is not, anything should ‘t be signed. This is a phase the particular portal development process. The prototype always be match the necessity and liking of customer. It is best to operate in close coordination with customer at this stage, to ensure that it does not result from a problematic incident. The developer team will take database requirements brain at this stage. Design for the database will be simultaneously selected. So initial factor you want to consider a review of how easy the program is wireless. Occasionally working with software program can be very exhausting. So, you would like to make certain whatever you determine on you are able to work with. The American television producer and actor did some important fashion choices back then of eighties. In this Cosby Sweater Project, each episode offers different associated with game to recreate his magic loud shirts. Published at:

Blog Marketing – One Must Learn the Blog Marketing Tips For an Early Success

The online marketing strategies are marvelous. They have benefit to the lives of many suffering people. There is a certain need of an appropriate attitude to enjoy the benefits of blog marketing. Like every other strategy, blog marketing also needs commitment and devotion. There is no shortcut to success. One has to work hard to get success. Gone are days years when the low financed business runners complained that they can’t advertise. Now the World Wide Web has changed the criteria. There is a certain need of making proper use of the blog marketing. Blog marketing is all about creativity and hidden talent. The frequency of posts certainly matters, the blog will certainly become popular with the added number of post. Therefore, one must try his/her best to play an active roll on the development and enhancement of the blog. The fame of a blog is certainly directly proportional to the number of posts of the blogs. However, the number of visitors is also equally important. At least four top five times update is necessary in a week. It depends on your creativity. There is nothing good in making bogus posts to increase the number of posts. Blog marketing demands talent. Make us of the hidden talent and you will be nourishing your business. One must necessarily learn the effective blog marketing tips having a firm attitude for the implementation of these tips. Blog marketing has enabled many deprived business runners to compete with the high profile business runners. Now people are aware of the creative ideas. They easily differentiate between genuine and illegal items. Therefore, the game of money can no more be played. The survival is only for the creative and innovative business runners. Let’s learn the astonishing blog marketing tips that will promise an earlier success. • One must feel good while talking with other bloggers. Try to interact positively in the bloggers community. A healthy and relaxant bloggers community will help you to know the effective blog running ways. There is a certain need of modification of you mood and attitude. There is nothing bad in interacting with the competitors. Try to learn from their experiences. It’s good if you are able to share your experiences. People will be able to communicate with you with happiness. Therefore, one must make sure to exercise a nicer mood. • Always try to be positive. While maintaining a blog, you will certainly post something from other blogs. Make sure to cite the name of that blogger. There is nothing bad in telling about other famous bloggers on your website. People will feel good while seeing your honesty. They will certainly praise your effort. This truthfulness will certainly force them top stick to your blog. • One must make use of effective keywords while writing the title of a certain post. The effective keywords in the title of the posts will derive the search engines to the URL of your blog. Published at:

Blog Internet Marketing Online – 7 Secrets of How to Maximize Your Blog Marketing Profit!

To maximize your blog marketing profit online, you have to learn the right strategies for your blog internet marketing. With the right strategies, you will earn extra money on the internet and boost your blog marketing profit. You will learn top 7 secrets of how to maximize your profits with your blogs in this article. In general, marketing your blog online is not all that hard to do. You have to be consistency, persistent and want to success, however, if you want your blog to do well. You can not just make a post and forget about it. You have to update continuously your blog and market consistency it so that it will become popular and one that everyone wants to read. There are many blog internet marketing online techniques to promote your blogs and earn money on the internet. In this article, you will learn top 7 secrets of how to advertise your blog online. You will discover workable and proven success blog internet marketing techniques. 1. Conduct the interview session with other targeted people in your blog market. Interviewing other people and posting the interview results on your blog is an excellent technique to market your blog online. To maximize the effective interview and your blog internet marketing online, you have to ensure that those people that you interview pertain to the market of your blog. You want all of your posts to be quality, useful, relevant, including any interviews that you might do. For example, if your blog internet online market was vacuum cleaners, and you did an interview with the owner of Hoover vacuum cleaner; that would definitely pertain to your market. 2. Update and post hot news, breaking news and up-to-date news on your blog. If you hear any news on the market of your blog, you have to make sure that you post it on your blog. This technique is one of the most powerful blog internet marketing online techniques. Everyone loves news, and event. The readers of your blog will appreciate your blogs about the current events in the market. However, there is something to keep in mind when blogging about the news is the more current the news, the better. No one wants to re-read old news, so it is a great idea to try and stay as current as possible when you are blogging about the news. 3. Setup the contest in your blog and market. Contests are another blog marketing technique that you effectively market your blog. Having contests on various things would be a lot of fun, and something that will keep your readers coming back. Everyone loves to win things, and you can also make the prize that you are giving away relevant to the market you are promoting on your blog. 4. Write your own original content with high quality standard. While great content is something that you will need for your blog, you also want to ensure that it is original content. You can market a blog with something that is copied and that you do not own the rights. Importantly, the plagiarism will get you in trouble with Google as well as the person that originally wrote the content. Obviously, it appears that you have to ensure that you own the right when you post anything on your blogs. This is a great thing to know and do when you are marketing your blog. 5. Write the press releases. There is no doubt that press releases are also an excellent way to market your blog online. Writing the press release about your blog is the most powerful blog internet marketing technique to promote your blogs to the world and maximize your blog marketing profit. This technique has been proven that your blogs will be visible to the world quickly and as long as it is on the internet. 6. Try to give your comments on other related blogs. Giving your comments on other blogs is also a very important aspect of blog internet marketing online. You will want to be sure that you always answer and acknowledge the comments that are made to your blog as well as others. When you show that you are an actual person that can hold a conversation, you are showing others that you are real and that you really and truly have the best intentions for your blog. There is one thing you have to remember when you use this blog marketing technique. It is to make sure that no comment goes unanswered. 7. Exchange your blog links with others. Marketing a blog comes naturally for some and can be a little harder to focus on for others. Another important thing that you will want to do for your blog is to be sure that you find links. Exchange links, get one way links, and ask for more and more links. You will never have enough links to your blog. The more links the better in this blog internet marketing online. Final thoughts, it obviously appears that the blog internet marketing online is not hard to do with the right strategies. To make sure that you can earn extra money on the internet with your blogs and maximize your blog marketing profit , you have to make sure that you follow all above of the proven and tried techniques. The last suggestion could be that you do not give up and keep on consistency marketing your blogs online. It will definitely pay off sooner or later in the future. Published at:

How To Sabotage Your Affiliate Marketing Blog

Having an affiliate marketing blog is a very effective way to offer products while also building both your credibility and a following! The problem many affiliates encounter however is that to build a successful blog much of your focus needs to be placed on your readers! The typical affiliate mindset is to generate traffic, make product offers and earn commissions but when blogging this is NOT a good approach!

Here are 5 common errors made by affiliates that prevent them from developing a successful blog that will help them earn an income!

Greed Kills

Putting product offers above all else tends to repel your readers since they’re there to view your content NOT your offers! Additionally by placing an emphasis on the money making aspect of your platform you’re neglecting the most important thing any blogger should do which is to write great content! This is much like setting a mouse trap without using bait, you’re bound to fall flat on your face!

Appearance Before Content

The information contain within your site is what people come to see and without it you have nothing to offer! Now don’t get me wrong and think that the appearance of your site is not important since it is however don’t neglect your most important responsibility which is creating good content! Your readers are more concerned about having interesting and relevant updates to view and NOT the ‘cosmetics’ of your platform! Without good quality reading material your blogging platform serves little purpose for visitors!

Too MUCH Optimizing

Optimization is a necessary part of your blogging strategy but too much of it can make your updates difficult to read! Using keywords ‘correctly’ can and will bring you search engine traffic but on the other hand, by placing too much focus in this area can make your updates difficult to read! Here again affiliates are accustomed to doing what they can to generate traffic, just don’t compromise your content in doing so!

Unrealistic Expectations

Blogging is a process which calls for time to develop traffic and the loyalty of your readers! This is what makes up a successful blog however expecting overnight results can quickly lead to discouragement and frustration! This can and often does result in a lower quality of effort which is reflected in what you offer your readers and if they’re not happy they will not return! Embrace the process and expect that it will take time or you’ll be in for a big surprise and/or disappointment!

Lacking Patience

With a commitment to the process of building yourself a platform visitors will enjoy you’ll need to be patient as to when you should make product offers! People must first feel comfortable returning to your site and you must encourage them to do so by posting great information! Once you’re able to build up a sizable following you’ll find it much easier to promote affiliate products to them! At this point trust and loyalty exist with your readers so they’ll be more receptive to your product offers!

Your affiliate marketing blog can be a great way to make a living online provided you do NOT ignore the needs of your readers! Many affiliates fall ‘victim’ to the same errors however when trying to build a successful blog! Their primary focus tends to be on making products offers which leads them to commit the 5 errors discussed here today! For this approach to be more effective you MUST embrace the need to first establish a successful blog, which is one that has many loyal followers, and this takes time! On the other hand having a loyal following like this makes it much easier to present product offers that convert to sales which is what every affiliate ultimately wants!

How To Set Up A Network Marketing Blog

Creating your own MLM blog is as easy as four simple steps. I will show you how simple it is to have a blog for your Home business.

A Home Business blog is an internet recruiting machine. But why create one? Here are a few reasons why you need a Home Business blog: Having your own valuable asset, allowing you to generate Network Marketing leads.

Search engines and social media capture a large portion of all daily internet traffic. Your Network Marketing will allow you be found online by a lot of internet users.

4 stages is all it takes to have your MLM blog. Though there are numerous other options available for setting up your blog, what most of these platforms have in common is this: whenever you set up your Home Business blog on any of these platforms, that blog you set up does not belong to you anymore.. You may add your content and write as much as you like, but the particular platform has every right to altogether remove “your” blog from their system.

In effect, you have absolutely no control. Should the platform go down for any reason, your Network Marketing blog goes down as well. When you optimize your blog, so you rank well on Google, Yahoo and the other search engines, that ranking ultimately helps the particular platform you choose, and not your blog.

When you are choosing a blog platform for your Network Marketing blog, careful thought must go into the platform you choose.

When setting up your MLM blog, you should aim for total ownership, so that you are in complete control of everything.

Though a blog is very simple to set up on the platforms mentioned above, if you are looking to develop your home business blog into a real valuable asset, you’re best setting it up on, the blogging platform of choice for all home business bloggers.

Here’s Why You Ought To Have A Blog On WordPress.Org?

The blogs out there today, are mostly on WordPress.Org

WordPress is designed to integrate with Social Media tools and services right out of the box.By creating your Home Business blog on this blogging platform, you set it up yourself and host it yourself. It’s also free and effective.

Creating A Blog In 4 Steps

Worpress makes it simple to set up a Network Marketing Blog; in four stages

1. Start By Registering Your Domain

Your domain name is identical to an address, but without the physical buidling.

When choosing a domain, select one that’s easy to remember, and can be written and pronounced easily. But because you’re building a Network Marketing blog, and you aim to brand yourself, choosing your name (if the domain name is available) works just fine.

So where and how do you register a domain?

A domain registrar such as Godaddy will do just fine. If you haven’t already done so, sign up for a free account, and find out if the domain you want is obtainable

If your desired domain name is available, go ahead and register it.

2. Now You Need To Host Your Domain

Based on our previous street address example, if your domain is identical to your address, without the actual property, then your web host is where you construct the actual property.

By having a web host, you store your files and domain name securely, so people can access your content when they access your blog.

You should aim to use a web host with a reputation for great customer service and support. For that reason, I highly recommend Hostgator as your web host.

Select to view the web hosting plans, and then choose the “baby plan” option. This gives you hosting for an unlimited number of domains.

When prompted, choose the “Existing Domain” option, and update Name Servers only. Enter all required fields, and you will receive an email from your Hostgator. This email will be useful later on.

3. You Will Then Need To Direct Your Domain To Your Web Host

From our house and street address example, this step is identical to pointing your address at your house.

Put simply, we need to point the domain to the web host. This way, when someone types in your domain name in their browser, they can access your blog

Hostgator sends you an email with your details. Get the Name Servers from that email.

To point your domain name to your web host take the ensuing steps:
A. Log into your Godaddy account.
B. Modify DNS settings for your domain under the administration panel within your Godaddy account.
C. Point the Domain Name Servers to the address you were emailed by Hostgator (contained within the email you received).

4. Install WordPress Onto Your Host

Hostgator comes with an application called Fantastico.

Fantastico allows you to install a WordPress blog without trouble. To gain access to this piece of softward, access your Admininstration Area with the information you were sent by your webhost (Hostgator). The Uniform Resource Locator (URL) to logon should have the form, (You may need to be patient as your DNS settings may take a while to take effect; 12-24 hours.).

Click on the Fantastico icon, and follow the directions for installing your WordPress blog. Find the link to install your WordPress blog, and click on it.

Blog Marketing Benefits In Real Estate Web Marketing

Blog Marketing is currently the focal point of attraction for some real estate investors. Blog creation can be bottomed on two major point. One is for individual component and the second one is the expert feature. Blogging has increased huge fame among individuals as a style to reach individuals around the world. Without a doubt when a web journal is made for expert feature it drags more open answer and the real estate business gets a critical buildup in the terms of cash.
Making a site requires subsidize however making an online journal is free. A website proprietor has more benefits and he/she can use them for showcasing reason. Real estate professionals are presently turning out to be very familiar with the upsides of website. Thus real estate blog promoting has been reported and it has assembled gigantic fame in a limited ability to focus time.
Blogging for the real estate business has developed like anything because of the plenteous measure of good result real estate investors have encountered. Real estate blog advertising can be utilized as a compelling and moderate promoting instrument, which real estate agents from everywhere throughout the world are utilizing to get more measure of business achievement.
Through blogging real estate professionals have drawn huge result. For such reason blogging as a pattern has developed like anything among real estate investors. Real estate blog advertising is a moderate yet powerful online business instrument that permits the real estate agents to draw strong business achievement.
In this way, you have to make your online journal not quite the same as others with the goal that it can draw most extreme number of web activity’s consideration. As a real estate investor you are all around familiar with the progressing enormous rivalry in the real estate market. Consequently, making a site that can be discernible from the rest is the most vital angle that you have to search for. Likewise your site should be streamlined according to the prerequisites of web indexes. Accomplishing a high rank in a noteworthy web index like Google can bring you great measure of web movement and prominence on the Internet.
Before beginning, you have to know the accurate components that are vital to be included with your real estate blog promoting. In the event that you take after these components then it will promise endorsement rate for your web journal on the Internet.
In the event that you will go for master’s proposal then one post in a week can carry you huge accomplishment with your real estate blog showcasing. On the off chance that you will include more posts then peruses will make more number of remarks for your online journal. This is likewise a decent move with your real estate blog through which numerous individuals will came to think about your real estate business.
In this way, you have to make a site that can get watch instantly on the Internet. The most vital thing that you should know is that your web journal ought to be web crawler agreeable. Web search tools are the prime hot spot for your real estate blog prompting’s web activity.

How to Use a Niche Marketing Blog to Get Your Word Out Cost Effectively

Cost Effective Ways to Get Massive Traffic to Your Niche Marketing Blog…

With a “niche marketing blog”, it’s mandatory to dominate the search engines with your target market niche. Personally, I get all my traffic for free, so I’d like to pass along to you some of my own personal strategies.

Of course, your first step is to determine your target market. That is, what audience would you propose to market your product to? You couldn’t even give away the best filet steak to a vegetarian! Likewise, if you have health and well products, you’ll probably want to market to health nuts rather than junk food junkies. The way you do that is with your keyword phrase.

Pick the right keyword phrase for your niche marketing blog…

I like to use the Google keyword search tool which is free at After you determine your target market, you’ll have a phrase in mind that you think people might be searching for. But if no one is actually searching for that phrase, it’s only a waste of time to start creating your blog.

Therefore, begin with keyword research, find your phrase, and then begin to build your niche marketing blog post around that phrase. You should put the phrase in the title, the first sentence, last sentence, and in each of your headings, H1, H2 and H3.

Back-linking strategies for your niche marketing blog…

Google will rank your blog post based on your keyword phrase being relevant to the subject matter, and it must also be popular. If lots of people read your blog post and “like” it, pass it to their friends and so on, it will rise up the Google ladder in the search engines. But how do you get anyone to even look at it to begin with? Backlinking! Back-linking means that there are other sites that link to yours, thus telling Google that your site is a popular site. You’ll want as many other sites as you can get to link to yours, which is a way of “liking” your site in Google’s eyes. Once you have relevancy down pat with your keyword phase, and popularity with your back-links, you’re on your way to the top of Google!

My personal Backlinking strategies for your niche marketing blog…

Personally, I use article marketing to get the backlinks. The higher the page rank of your article directory you use, the more clout it holds when you link to your blog. I start with Ezines or ArticleBase, just to name a couple, and I put into one of these directories immediately upon completion of my blog post. I also put into an article submitter system, which spins the article into hundreds of different articles to submit to hundreds of directories. You can find out more about my secret niche marketing blog tools at this link.

Affiliate Niche Marketing Blog Strategy for 2012…

Fortunately, I’ve recently discovered the most important secret; link your blog to a highly trafficked team blog site. I call it “affiliate niche marketing blog” because it is just that: the system itself is an affiliate product that will pay you 100% commissions to promote. As I’ve learned from some of the training videos in the blogging system, the strategy to rank your niche marketing blog has to do with linking your own blog to the team blog. As I said before, Google wants to rank what’s popular. While backlinking to a wide variety of sites is important, that’s only quantity. You want quality as well. So you’ll want to link to high page ranking sites such as high PR articles and your team blog. It’s like the geek in high school who gets noticed more when he’s dating the head cheerleader as opposed to being President of the geek team. You can tell how popular any website is with the Alexa tool bar. Simply download the toolbar for free at If you link to a site with an Alexa score of 1000 or under, your own site will be pulled up substantially. My own personal site is close to two million (wow, the two-millionth most popular site on Google LOL) – so if I didn’t backlink the heck out of my site, it would never be noticed!

Dominate Your Niche on Google with Video Marketing Linked to Your Niche Marketing Blog…

Remember popularity on Google is the key, and YouTube has an Alexa score of only 3 – the third most popular site on Google! Simply create a video that has the same material (remember it has to be “relevant”) as your niche marketing blog post. Then link your YouTube video to everything. Hate videos? Me too! You can easily make a quick 2 minute video on Camtasia that is only a “blog announcement”. The popularity clout YouTube gives you is the same whether you hide behind a screen or let it all hang out with your face. If you have the gift of gab and have no problem talking in front of a camera – great! Use it! But if you hate making videos, just use the “record the page” function on Camtasia and talk about your blog post and how it would be beneficial to your reader. I got one of my blog announcement posts to rank on page one of Google even before putting it through my article submitter!

By adopting the above free approaches I use on a daily basis, you will dominate your niche on Google with your niche marketing blog in no time!

Remember to use the team niche marketing blog to link to your site – a really cool way to rake in the money, because 100% commissions will keep your business rolling whether or not you can turn anyone on with your product or service! It will work as a tremendous funded proposal to funnel people into your business. Just CLICK THIS LINK to access Nancy Harnell’s blog for more information about how you can start earning 100% commissions and, at the same time, expand your niche marketing blog today!

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How to Set Up a MLM Network Marketing Blog

With “attraction marketing” as one of your MLM network marketing lead generation strategies you need a blog. Your own personal MLM network marketing blog. So you can position yourself as a “lead magnet”.

In order to stand out from the MLM wannabe’s you need a professional installed and designed blog. These are some of the things you need to consider:

Domain names
Hosting partner/ operations
Blog framework software
Blog design
Graphics/ pictures
e-mail capture

Before we go into further details, I would like to point out the possibility of obtaining all of the above for free. But be aware that “free” usually comes with a price. You usually have to “pay” for it in the form of ads and links on your blog. In addition, you will not own the blog, so you cannot write what you want and you will not be guaranteed availability. Suddenly, one day, it could be shut down. So forget to have your blog on sites like or That is not good places for an attractive MLM Blog.

Domain Names
You need a “web name” for your blog, a web address. Since you are going to promote yourself using Attraction Marketing you should choose your own name. It is easiest and best. Avoid periods, hyphens, and abbreviations. It only makes it harder to remember your blog name. Stay well away from the “accented characters”.

You can easily buy a domain name from a “Domain name provider”. Just Google “domain names” and you will find a few to choose from.

Operations, hosting
You need someone to operate your blog. You need someone to monitor your hardware to ensure that the computer stay awake, fresh and alert, at all times. Also when you are at sleep. You need what is called a “hosting provider”. Getting hosting for your magnetic blog is easy and several companies provide that service. Make sure you get 24/ 7/ 356 hosting as it was called using geek slang. You understand? You want your blog to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year…

Blog Software
You need a “blog engine” so you don’t have to program the blog functionality yourself. I use WordPress blog framework. So does almost everyone else. And there is no reason why you should not. And do not be confused by the fact that I now recommend WordPress as blog framework as I previously told you to stay away from is more like an operating partner. Use WordPress and install it on your own domain at your hosting partner.

It’s fairly easy to install WordPress. If you think it will be difficult when I use the word “install” then ask for help from someone who has done it before.

Blog Design
You need a special appearance on the blog. Your blog should not look like any other blog. You are unique. Therefore, your blog should also be unique. To change the look of your blog use what is called “Themes”. You can easily find a number of free WordPress (WP) Themes. Most of these are not very good and they come with advertising you cannot take away. Forget it. Choose a “Premium Theme”. A “Premium Theme” will cost you a few dollars. It is worth it.

There are some who have said that a picture is worth 1000 words. You will need some graphical elements on your blog. At least a heading. Maybe a book cover or cd cover promoting one of your e-products. You should definitely have a picture or two of yourself. Smiling. Remember, you are promoting YOU.

Autoresponders integration
One of the main purposes of your Attraction Marketing MLM Blog is to get e-mail addresses for your autoresponder. You should therefore have an e-mail capture on all your blogs websites. Preferably you should also have a great lead-offer, a lead bribe.

Wordpress will give you the best blog framework. In addition your blog needs special functionality not provided by the WordPress framework. Fortunately this functionality is provided by 3rd party providers and is called “plug-ins”. A plug-in is programming code giving your blog extra functionality. For your Attraction marketing blog you will need social media plugins, SEO plugins, database administration plugins, security plugins and backup plugins. These are easy to find and install.

That is about it. That is all you need to set up your magnetic attraction marketing MLM blog.

Good luck.

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